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In the past, people relied on Mother Earths bounty of plants to stay healthy.

At Modern WitchDoctor, and our Holistic Healing Center, believe staying natural is the key to good health. Our health mission is to provide ancient healing practices used for thousands of years, to help an individual to heal themselves. We offer many holistic modalities of healing from yoga and sound healing, to shamanistic ceremonies, depending on what is needed or at the request of the client. 

At Modern WitchDoctor, we give a lot of credit to the plants, offering all natural products, free of harmful synthetics and chemicals, with ingredients that come straight from the earth. What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them!  You can count on Modern WitchDoctor to keep things natural, as it was intended, bringing you products from the Earth!

Power To The Plants


Plants have been helping humans survive for thousands of years through herbal medicine. Using plants we have healed and nourished our bodies allowing us to flourish into today. Modern medicine, with it's plethora of chemicals, has no comparison to the length of time that the plants have been helping us. Everything from colds and flu to blood stopping and wound cleaning has been treated with plants. Plants do not get enough credit for their wonderful power. Their spirits are able to once again connect us to the natural world, and to offer healing, unmatched by modern medicine. At Modern WitchDoctor we believe it is time to give power back to the plants! Our credit goes to the jewelweed plant, (natures poison ivy treatment) and our gratefulness to be able to offer its wonderful medicine to the world!

Our Holstic Healing Center


Our mission is not only to provide natural products, but also to help others on their walk to a more Natural healthier life. At our Holistic Healing Center, we offer many forms of ancient holistic healing. Offering Reiki/Energy Healing, Shamanistic Healing, Quartz Crystal Sound Healing, Yoga/Goat Yoga and Natural Herbal products, we offer our community many ways to heal naturally. We support Organic farming, and we never use GMO ingredients in our products. Most of our ingredients are grown and harvested here on our farm, and what isn't we purchase from companies which are also free of pesticides and chemicals. Everything in our store is handmade using all natural ingredients and made with love and respect for Mother Earth. Visit our center today located in Walkersville, MD. For more information visit here or to schedule an appointment. Questions? Feel free to give us call. You can also visit our blog for remedies and recipes!

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