About Us and Natural Medicine

Our Belief

At Modern WitchDoctor we believe that staying natural is the key to good health. Human beings are created from a natural organic material just as the rest of the rocks, animals and plants. Because of this it is important that we keep our bodies as close to a natural organic state as possible to achieve good health. In today's world this can be difficult since there are so many harmful things our bodies are exposed to. This includes synthetic and processed foods, harsh pesticides, fluoride, exposure to radiation, harmful medications just to name a few. When we ingest and take on these harmful chemicals a lot of times unknowingly the long-term effects can be severe. A lot of illnesses in today's world could be avoided by simple prevention. Changing your diet, avoiding synthetic and processed foods, giving up sugar and avoiding GMOs are all great preventative measures to illness. At Modern WitchDoctor we also believe very much in allowing the plants to be our first Pharmacy. Most people do not realize how well the human body responds to plant medicine with effective and far safer results than most synthetic medications today. Our mission is to make herbal medicine products for people free of synthetic ingredients and harmful chemicals to give you a completely natural medication from the Earth. We take care and pride in our products, and everything is made and harvested with love and respect for Mother Earth. We are grateful for her gifts of medicine and will continue to use the medicine of the plants for many more generations to come.

About the Owner

I grew up in a small town always being a little different. Referred to as the Modern WitchDoctor by my friends because of my love for plant medicine and the ancient spiritual, ritualistic practices of Ancient Man. Nature has always been a huge part of my life. I was always drawn to Plants, trees, rocks and animals. History and the old ways always fascinated me. My strange life lead me down a road of spirituality and natural medicine. I am a vendor at various Native American Powwows all over the East Coast. I own my small herbal store and spend my days enjoying nature with my family, teaching my children the ways of the old. We garden, harvest plants, learn about the animals. We make medicine together! I very much believe in living a natural life and with a family it is a must. I love helping people especially with natural medicine because I feel that it is part of my path to help and preserve the knowledge of a forgotten way of life. Nature is our first pharmacy and always has been.  I will continue my path of natural health helping and sharing to all that I meet and do my part to bring back a natural world, with love and respect for Mother Earth.

Our Farm

Here on our farm we are blessed to have some of the most fertile land in our area. Many medicinal plants grow wild here untouched by chemicals and pesticides. Our stream that is fed from under ground springs keeps a wet fertile soil for the wild jewelweed that overtakes the property. Our farm has many gardens and we grow many of our herbs that we use in our products. We allow all wildlife to live here unharmed in a natural environment  preserving the circle of life for all living things, including the plants. We do not believe in spraying chemicals and never use pesticides on our plants or soil. We want our farm to stay as untouched by man as possible thus providing you with the most natural product possible. Straight from the earth is how we like it. Our farm is always expanding our variety of plants and we utilize as much as we can. Staying natural is the key to obtaining good health. We are grateful for our farm, and will continue our mission of growing  healthy natural plants for others to use and enjoy!