Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga Classes in Walkersville & Frederick, MD

Why goats?


What is goat yoga? Well goat yoga is a form of therapy, done in a natural setting, with an unexpectedly smart social and cuddly animal. It basically involves allowing the goats to climb on top of you as you perform yoga positions. The goats are also active with us when they are not climbing. They will nuzzle you, sniff you, curl up on your mat, and really just be interested in what you are doing in general.

 Do we train the goats to participate? The truth is, we allow the goats to be goats.  We do not train them for these events. Goats by nature, are extremely excellent climbers. In nature, mountain goats often climb up a sheer cliff face, leaving the rest of the world astonished of this ability. Because they instinctively love to climb, they make excellent partners for performing yoga.

 There is nothing special to it. We simply start performing yoga and the goats will do what they do best, and start to climb! Our favorite part is when they lay down on your yoga mat to snuggle up to you, just as you perfect your pose. 

Yoga with goats is an unforgettable experience!

 The funniest part is watching people's faces as a little goat comes up to them and starts to climb, while they're doing a yoga pose. It's a distraction, but a happy distraction. It may sound silly, but goat yoga is significantly helping people that have anxiety depression, and those that are recovering from cancer or illness. Furthermore using goats to assist in yoga therapy for people that suffer from depression and disability makes for a great complimentary medicine to add to their traditional treatments.

 Whatever the reason you decide to  participate, goat yoga is a fun and exciting experience, for people of all ages. It is a chance to get out in nature, enjoy some cuddly creatures, and perfect your yoga, all in this same day!! 

 If you are interested In participating in goat yoga, click here to view our upcoming schedule. Goat yoga is seasonal; starting in March, ending in October.

We are happy to be serving Frederick MD and surrounding areas!

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