Jewelweed Salve/Jewelweed Soap


Jewelweed Salve

The Jewelweed plant has been used for centuries by Native Americans for preventing and healing their ailments from all types of poison plants. The natural antihistamine components in the jewelweed will immediately stop the itch, and cut healing time from the rash and reaction caused by poison plants. Poison ivy, oak or sumac are no match for jewelweed. It also stops the itch and cuts healing time from hives, bug bites, bee stings, chiggers and burns from stinging nettles. 

This amazing plant is one of mother Natures best medicines for itchy aliments. 

We have brought you this amazing plant in an easy to use salve using organic infused oil and natural ingredients, straight from Mother Earth. All products are made using organic oil and 100% natural ingredients. Pesticides and chemicals are never used in our products. Our jewelweed is organically grown, and harvested at the peak of season, to bring you the most beneficial medical properties of this amazing plant. Once you use jewelweed for an itchy aliment you will never use anything else again! 


Jewelweed Soap

 Our jewelweed soap is made from a strong concentrated jewelweed oil, used for washing with after encounters with poison plants. The jewelweed plant has been used for centuries for its strong antihistamine properties that help treat and prevent, poison ivy, oak and sumac. Washing with this soap immediately after exposure to poison plants will clean the skin of oils, and protect the skin from a rash occurring. Can also be used as itch relief from the rash and to speed healing if contact has already occurred. A must have product for every nature lover!

  All products are made using organic oil and 100% natural ingredients.


Poison Prevention Lotion

 Poison Prevention Lotion is a great preventative measure to use before exposure to any type of poison plants ( ivy, oak, sumac). It will create a barrier and protect your skin naturally from the poison oils. 

This lotion is made using a strong concentrated jewelweed oil. Jewelweed contains strong antihistamine components in the stem, roots and leaves that fight off the urushiol oil, that poison plants produce.  

Throughout history jewelweed was widely used as a poison preventive. Native Americans would rub the juice of the stems on their skin before entering poison vine invaded areas, for prevention and protection. This was able to fight off the reaction naturally, from any poison plants. Modern WitchDoctor has taken this concept, and developed our strong preventive lotion. This is a completely natural solution to preventing poison ivy! 

All 3 products are also sold as a set. To view our list of jewelweed products visit here

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