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The story of Modern WitchDoctor and jewelweed really starts at the beginning. In 2009, our founder Kayce Heister had recently begun her transformational journey, from a hectic unhealthy life, to a natural holistic future. Not long after meeting her husband, they started their life on a quiet, 12 acre piece of land. Her immediate fascination was with the land, and all the benefits it could hold. Because she was learning to identify herbs in the wild, Kayce was always on the lookout for medical plants. Starting to wander around the property she started noticing this beautiful orange flower, as far as she could see. Everywhere she looked was this a beautiful orange flower! This was the jewelweed plant! Almost 10 acres of Kayce's property was covered in this amazing medicine! This ignited the fire which became the business Modern WitchDoctor (A herbal medicine company) Providing natural jewelweed products. We have since expanded our company to many different levels of holistic healing, and natural plant-based remedies. We also a healing center in Walkersville, MD, where we still carry our jewelweed products!

 For the last 11 years Kayce has done dedicated research, and trial and error studies to discover the amazing healing benefits of the jewelweed plant. We are one of the largest producers of jewelweed salve and poison ivy treatments on the market today.

Jewelweed for poison ivy

Jewelweed is most famous for being a natural poison ivy remedy, and healing rashes from poison ivy, oak and sumac.The leaves, roots and stems of this plant, contain a compound called lawsone, which is anti-inflammatory, antifungal and a strong antihistamine. With these components, it puts up a great defense to the urushiol, the compound in poison plants that causes inflammation. Jewelweed will stop the itch, and cut healing time from all poison plant reactions. The antihistamine properties of this plant, are able to stop the itch and burn from various other ailments as well including; bug bites, hives, bee stings, chiggers, and burns from stinging nettle. Since jewelweed has anti-fungal properties it has been used to treat athletes foot and dandruff. It surely is an amazing plant!

Our Products/Jewelweed salve

 All Modern WItchDoctor's products are made using organic oil and 100% natural ingredients.

 Our jewelweed is organically and naturally grown, free of pesticides and chemicals, and harvested at the peak of season to bring you the strongest medical properties of this amazing plant. 

Once you use jewelweed for an itchy aliment you will never use anything else again! 

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