Shamanistic Healing

Kayce's Initiation/The Wounded Healer

What is a wounded healer

In many tribal cultures shaman's or healers often experience an illness or trauma, that gave them the insight they needed to heal themselves and bring wisdom to their people. It's often through great struggle that healers and shaman's break free from their illness, and awaken to truth. By learning to cure themselves, they also learn how to cure others. It's because of this initiation process that healers or shaman, are often called wounded healers. It is their introduction and 'call' into shamanism. Shifting from victim to shaman is no easy task, and isn't for the faint of heart, but if you want to live the life of a 'calling' you first need to deeply engage and understand the sacred nature of your wounds. Without an intuitive understanding of our wounds we simply cannot transform the fate of our personal lives and the world into destiny.

" What pains our soul doesn't heal by taking away the pain but can only heal by making the pain sacred"

 It is  said that the shaman does not answer to the"call"only madness will then consume him.

 Like many that walk the path of the wounded healer Kayce's initiations started with her own illness and trauma. When Kayce was young, she always felt out of place. Having memories of a time long passed, she realized that things were not what they seemed. Knowing that she had seen this place before and feeling her connection to the energy of the Earth, she knew undoubtedly that she was an old soul. This ultimately started to shape who she was becoming. At age 10 she was diagnosed with tourette syndrome a neurological disorder as well as ADD, OCD, and anxiety. By age 11, Kayce's mother was shot to death in a police accident, which left her devastated and alone. Isolated from the rest of the world, Kayce spent most of her time in nature,  where she felt most at home. Spending time with the plants and animals, she learned to communicate with them, and understand their energy, thus her plant intuitive ability had begun. The voices of the plants started to speak to her, showing her their amazing healing energy. By her early teens Kayce had started self medicating using plant medicines, helping to cure herself of tourette syndrome, anxiety and OCD. Along the way, Kayce had gained several spiritual elders that would change her life forever. 

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Kayce had been given an opportunity to learn from some of most knowledgeable  healers of this time, from different cultures, who carried ancient traditional healing methods, not shared with many. These spiritual gifts started to awaken her spirit, and gave her the motivation to answer to the "call". Finally awakening to her true path, Kayce started to become the hollow bone, giving away all parts of herself that did not serve the greater good of all. Her initiations involved many spiritual battles between the soul and ego. Through ancient ceremonial techniques such as inipi sweats, spirit quest and despacho ceremonies, Kayce was given the tools she needed to finally heal the parts of herself that were still in disharmony, from the traumas in her life. Her own healing, ignited a fire within her spirit and the passion of a wounded healer was born. 

 Continuing to learn from her elders to this day, Kayce has been taught many forms of shamanistic and ceremonial healing such as, the ancient art of tracking energy  (finding the faces of the lost soul causing illness and disharmony) shamanistic journeying, cord cutting/energy release, ancestral healing, power animal retrieval, and communicating with the spiritual realms. Through her teaching of Native American ceremonial healing, spirituality, and Peruvian Shamanism, Kayce shares with others the wisdom she has acquired, for healing and connecting together once again, mind, body and spirit.

As an alchemist, Kayce has transmuted her trauma and wounds, into powerful medicine. She is honored and privileged to share these ceremonies, rituals and time honored ways to heal the soul.

 Kayce Heister is now a family herbalist, ceremonialist, intuitive plant healer, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Reiki Master, Sound Healing Master, practicing Shamanistic Healer, and Yoga enthusiast. She is internationally certificated in Energy Healing, accredited by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists, and is continuing her studies to received a phD in holistic health and nutrition by 2020. If her days are not spent with her family or in the garden, Kayce is at her healing center in Frederick, MD helping others with a combination of intuitive plant medicine, good nutrition, and different forms of required energy medicine. She enjoys educating people on plant medicine, and their amazing healing abilities. Providing natural products, straight from the Earth is her other devotion. Often times our food and medicine has been polluted and poisoned with chemicals, pesticides, and synthetics, that has been proving detrimental to mankind. Within the modality of natural healing Kayce believes, the body must remain clean in a natural state, free of substances and synthetic chemicals, in order to achieve true healing. Her devotion to organic farming and natural medicine shows through her products. Kayce extends gratitude to the natural world and the tapestry of healing, that is woven, given, and received, within the fabric of her healing sessions. She shows gratefulness as always, for mother Earth/Pachumama and the natural healing elements of the universe. 

As so the life, of a wounded healer